amazon fraudulent items

Purchased from DianwangJewelry via amazon, 10 orders.

102-2113303-7977023, 102-4338048-5185861, 102-6723069-1784238, 102-5421027-0489040, 102-6837943-6118622, 102-5400781-9582622, 102-2692649-5198633, 102-9224953-3574616, 102-7220258-2100222, 102-7794559-3537858

DianwangJewelry was notified November 15th, 2012 of their violation and was requested to remove their listings for ASIN: 

B007134LV8 and B008Z8OLUO

After weeks of not complying, the test orders were placed.  The following items were received as shown on the left hand side of the images.  The item on the right hand side is the official Sir Lancelot's Armor item.  Note the UPC 610395795636 on the official item, and no UPC at all on the item provided by DianwangJewelry.


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