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Holy Grail: Meet The New “Bulletproof Glass” Smartphone Screen Protector

Today is the age of smart phones and to protect our smart phone we need to have screen guard, so to save our money in continuously changing a screen guard, Holy Grail presents The Bulletproof smartphone screen protector. OK, so you probably shouldn’t try to fire a rifle at your smartphone, even if it is wearing the new Holy Grail smartphone screen protector.

Holy Grail will give your gadgets the best protection around, provided you’re willing to pay between $31 and $55, depending on the phone or tablet it’s made for. It’s better than paying for replacing your entire screen of the mobile that would cost around $250.

And to show us how tough the Holy Grail really is, Sir Lancelot’s Armor has put together a nifty video showing a smartphone equipped with the Grail being bashed with a hammer and hacked with a saw. The Holy grail is currently available for iPhone, Samsung and LG smartphones.

The big question that needs answering is whether or not this product is worth the time, effort and money. Probably not, but we’ll find out eventually.

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