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LCD for mobile made with bulletproof material

Protect the screens of our mobile devices to not scrape or break contact with blunt objects, it has become a necessity for many users.

And while technology has advanced a lot in the issue of protection for mobile screens, such as those provided Gorilla Glass for several high-end equipment, today I'm going to show a screen saver called Holly Grail , which the company Sir Lancelot's Armor manufacturer, is made ​​of bulletproof glass .

Of course, that does not mean that they can aim at his smartphone with a rifle, thinking the Holly Grail is going to leave a tremendous impact immune , but at least you can be assured it will be a little tougher than other devices that do not have with a similar case.

The price of Holly Grail varies according to the type of display you want to cover as there Holly Grail for smartphones and tablets Apple, Samsung and LG , and prices range from U.S. $ 31 to U.S. $ 55 . Reasonable price, according to CEO Sir Lancelot's Armor, Jon Cyr, for repairing a damaged screen costs an average of $ 250.

Video: Holly Grail screensaver with bulletproof glass

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