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A bulletproof screen protector for your mobile, in case you need one

How much protection is good for your smartphone? Most scratch guards promises protection against the likes of key bruises and dusts. But how about taking a hammer hit or on worst case of scenario a bullet hit?

No it’s not yet another Q’s quirky device for Agent 007 but Sir Lancelot’s Armor, the makers of tough nut screen protectors for mobiles and tablets has launched the world’s first reusable bulletproof screen protectors. Yes, you read it right. The screen protector supposedly prevents your mobile display from getting shattered by a bullet.

Branded as The Holy Grail, tough shield for your mobile display is made of tempered bulletproof glass. The manufacturers claim the new screen protectors rank #9 on the Mohs scale of hardness with only a diamond higher up the order.

The screen protector is reusable and can be removed with the finger nail. It is also easy to put over the display unlike the regular screen-guard and is bubble-free and can be just placed over the display without having to iron out with fingers are worry about air pockets.

The Holy Grail screen protectors are currently available for Apple (iPhone, iPads and Minis), plus top LG and Samsung smartphones.

Still don’t believe. Ok, seeing is believing. Check out the video below

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