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Ars Technica Shoots A “Bulletproof” iPhone Screen Protector. It Isn’t.

An amusing video from Ars Technica last week saw journalist Lee Hutchinson taking Sir Lancelot’s Armor’s “Holy Grail” screen protector to task. According to Sir Lancelot’s Armor, The Holy Grail is the first screen protector to be made of bulletproof glass. What better way to test it than with an actual firearm?

It quickly became apparent that the Holy Grail was not, in fact, bulletproof. My first round was a little right and knocked the thing off the stand—and also blew a hole through the screen protector and out the back of the iPhone. So in case anyone was wondering if iPhones are bulletproof, we’ve also managed to answer that question at the same time. They are not.

That said, Ars still concluded that The Holy Grail’still a fantastic addition to any iPhone, able to protect against everything from a hammer to the crushing force of a car. It just won’t be stopping a bullet anytime soon.

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