We Test A Bulletproof iPhone Screen Protector. With A Gun. And Bullets.

The only word I needed to hear was "bulletproof." I quickly replied, and the fine folks at Sir Lancelot's Armor overnighted me two review samples of their "Holy Grail" screen protector. I was expecting to receive some kind of massive Otterbox-like tank in the mail, but instead I got a couple of very fancy boxes containing a credit card-thin piece of iPhone-shaped glass: a screen protector, plain and simple.

Because I'd received a pair of the things, I decided that before I subjected the Holy Grail screen protector to the gun range, I'd first see how well it did against some common household items—keys, screwdrivers, hammers, and so on.

For those unaware, The Holy Grail is one of the most hyped and popular screen protectors of the year.

People have been amped up for this puppy since day one.

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