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The test not a banal iPhone ballistic protection

Ars Technica is renowned for his serious articles and extensive testing, sometimes very sophisticated. Thus, a journalist of the site had decided to undergo a battery of tests hull of Sir Lancelot's Armor, the manufacturer of iPhone protection sensible resist everything, even bullets. First surprise, even though the author was expecting a big block of plastic to the Otterbox, he was surprised to cope with what looked like a simple transparent screen protection.

Videos posted by Ars declare the end of history. Protected by this thin layer component (called Holy Grail ), the iPhone test brilliantly withstood the crash of a vehicle and fiercely repeated attempts to scratch its surface with blunt objects. The highlight of the show remains a memorable heckle shooting, where the journalist destroyed in one shot iPhone 4 his colleague, iPhone 4 that turned out to be actually one of the companion colleague said.

See, if only for the endianness beneficial to the Ars reporter who was to gun down an iPhone to check the veracity of commercial catches.


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