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Bulletproof screen protector for smartphone and tablet

There is a flood of mobile device cases that vouch for their superior protection but with protection comes a bit of weight and bulky form factor that doesn’t look good or feels sleek when holding the smartphone or tablet. Another solution is to have a screen protector that saves the touchscreen from superficial damage but doesn’t provide enough protection to ward off impact damage. Holy Grail Protector from Lancelot’s Armor is here to change that notion as it is a super strong smartphone screen protector which protects your smartphone from the harshest of damage inducing conditions for example drop from a considerable height, hammer attack, drill, knife, key or cut from a sharp saw!

A bulletproof screen protector that saves your smartphone or tablet screen from damage while preserving its sleek looks as opposed to those bulky cases.

The screen protector is made from tempered bulletproof glass and it ranks number 9 on Mohs scale oh hardness and only diamonds rank harder than that. So you can pretty well imagine the kind of premium protection this screen protector provides. Not only strength but the protector is also optimized for clarity and usability.

According to Jon Cyr, CEO of Sir Lancelot’s Armor, the screen protector was created to prevent the most significant damage to a smartphone or tablet that is the touchscreen which accounts for the major chunk of damage to a smartphone in a survey.

The advantage with Holy Grail Protector is the fact that not only does it preserve the original form factor of your phone but also provides protection that is superior to any bulky smartphone case out there. Moreover it can be applied on top of case covers and battery case chargers like Mophie.

Sir Lancelot’s Armor Holy Grail screen protector is the first ever reusable screen protector that is bubble free for a very easy application. You can buy the screen protector for your smartphone or tablet anywhere between the price of $31 to $55, depending on your device.

Holy Grail screen protector is available for almost all the smartphone and tablet models from major manufacturer’s including Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, Nokia, HTC etc.

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