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Can a mobile guard stop bullets? (Video)

  • Sir Lancelot's Armor is a manufacturer of screen protector material using glass bulletproof to protect mobile
  • The website Ars Technica has taken it literally, so I put the protector on an iPhone, and it has hit some shots ...
  • Watch the video to see what happened

Protect your mobile is important to many people because within it are literally his entire life : your contacts, your messages, your business, your personal and professional ...

So the screen protector quality is good business.

And few manufacturers offer more protection than Sir Lancelot's Armor , it boasts its protective resistance Holy Grail , by using the same material used in the bulletproof glass .

The website Ars Technica has taken the "description bulletproof "as a challenge, so we put a protective Holy Grail to an iPhone, and has been busy shooting with him ... literally. Not content with that, but they have stuck a hammer and he's been passed over a car . Will there stood the punishment?

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To begin with, we must recognize that the presentation of the case Holy Grail is spectacular, in metal case with velvet lining:

The case itself is rather thicker than usual, almost like a real glass instead of a plastic sheet. The thing promised:

Ars Technica test began with a "warm" as blows with the hammer and a car passed over :

The case was in pretty bad shape, but the screen did not suffer much damage, but the iPhone was crushed by the weight of car.

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The second test was to become involved with the shooting guard . He was placed on another iPhone and hung in a shooting gallery.

The result was as expected:

If the armored cars or jewelry will have bulletproof glass several inches thick , is about something. A sheet of a few millimeters can not stop a bullet.

In defense manufacturer Sir Lancelot's Armor must say that nowhere indicates that his patron Holy Grail stop bullets. It simply states that it is made ​​of bulletproof material.

And since I rarely go to shoot your mobile, or you're going to go over the car for everyday tasks is undoubtedly an excellent protector.

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