What to know before upgrading to iOS 7

The new iPhones – 5S and 5C hit the market recently, but the hardware wasn't the only aspect of innovation released by Apple. The new iOS 7 which will power the new flagship phone and it's cheaper alternative has now been made available for older devices and we all know how much most people love their updates. Personally, I get excited every time my system introduces minor updates, but when something as major as a new OS release is presented, I go absolutely crazy. However, there can be several reasons for you to want to hold on to your old OS, which will be especially difficult if you're like me, but you should definitely at least try, because there are several things you need to know before you update to iOS 7, namely...

iOS 7 is not very friendly to older devices

If you're packing hardware several generations old (shame on you!) then I have some bad news. It's not like the OS won't work on older devices, it's just that it won't work too well. You see, the system has to give life the barren circuits of the newly released handsets from Apple which it has been optimized to work better with them. This is good news for people with new phones (well, it's not technically news because Apple have always been famous for doing this; after all, they manufacture the hardware and the software so they can have the perfect optimization) and not so good news for older hardware owners. If you decide to update either way, you should know that apart from slowing down your performance, it may also cause different problems, drain your battery and you will still not have access to all the new features. Tough luck! But not as tough as...

Working with a buggy software

The new products have juts been released and even though I'm sure the folks at Apple know what they're doing and haven't released a bad product, it still stands to reason that the OS is quite buggy simply because it's new. You see, no matter how much they test it, they can never get rid of all the bugs pre-release. That's why we have that things called “updates” and “patches” - because they update and patch things making them better than they were before they were released. As new bugs are constantly reported and people are complaining, the programmers are doing everything in their power to fix as many issues as possible. That's why if you want to update so much that you can't hold it, at least wait for a few updates because you don't know how many bugs there are right now.

Apps aren't optimized for iOS 7 yet

Apps need a certain level of optimization and I am sure many will receive it in the following weeks but right now many of them haven't been updated to work perfectly with the new version which means it's possible they're buggy. Trust me, you don't want to work with a smartphone with a buggy OS and buggy apps – that's just too much frustration to handle. It's not like you can't wait for a while, do the smart things and let your friends try first before you try, too. Since most people like to complain, they won't shut up about it and you will know that you haven't made the same mistake they have.

You have to be ready commit before you update

Think about this very carefully because you won't be able to downgrade. Once you go iOS 7 – that's it. It's like taking the red pill in the Matrix. If you don't want to be sorry, think about it carefully. You have enough time.

AuthorBio: Rose Finchley is keen on tech and finance topics. She currently writes for her informational site - http://www.binarytribune.com/strategy-for-gold-binary-options-trading

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