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Sending a text message, a photo message or making a call will not put much pressure on your pockets anymore. If you have a smartphone handy, then get ready for the fun of free texting and calling. All you need to have is an app installed in your phone and start texting or talking to a friend for hours, without worrying about the bill.

Here is a list of apps that you may love to use. Pick the one of your kind and enjoy free texting and calling.


Hardly, you get to see an app that works on almost all the platforms—Android, Windows, iOS or Blackberry. Surprise is that WhatsApp is the one that works on all these platforms. You can make use of this app to send across texts, pictures and voice or video messages to individual user or a group of users. Unfortunately, you cannot send messages to non-WhatsApp user. Upon installation, this app will check out for the known users in the contacts list of your phone.

Upon download, you can use it for free in the first year. However, to continue using it after that needs you to pay $0.99 per year.


Viber is slightly more than a free app to place calls and send text messages. Of course, it does these things in almost all the platforms. But, it can also handle desktop clients, such as Windows and OS X. This means that you can track your messages and calls through your computer also. VoIP calls are possible between Viber users.

Like WhatsApp, it scans your address book for other Viber users and you cannot make calls to non-Viber users. Use mobile data or Wi-Fi connection to set up your Viber connection.

Facebook Messenger:

Facebook Messenger is another app that bypasses the SMS channel. Facebook messenger works on iOS, Android and Blackberry devices. Unlike the above two apps mentioned, Facebook messenger connects to both Facebook messenger users and non-Facebook messenger users. This app supports Windows desktop client that tracks your messages, even when you’re not with your phone.

Google Voice & Google Hangouts:

Google voice and Hangouts support Instant Messaging, group texting, photo sharing and location sharing. With Google Voice, you can make free calls within United States and Canada. However, the international calls will charge you according to the rates proposed by Google. These rates are certainly, lower than the rates of other carriers.

You can save a huge amount of money, by picking any of these apps for calling and messaging.

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