Should You Use Parental Controls On Your Teen’s iPhone?

The iPhone is definitely one of the most important devices in the last decade. It allows the user to access programs such as email, internet and social media. The iPhone is like holding a mini computer in your hands – but unlike a computer the iPhone has less parental control of what teenagers are looking at. If as a parent you have been letting your teenage kids have free and easy access to an iPhone it is time to sit up and take note of the negative impact it can have on their young minds. 

IPhones are the preferred choice of teenagers. Many get them because their friends have them and others like the features and apps that are exclusively for the iPhone.  There are plenty of games, music and books which can be downloaded and enjoyed. However, there will come a time when these types of programs might no longer hold the attention of a curious and adventurous teen. When that time comes, parental control for iPhone should be enforced. There is no need to totally prevent the teenager from using the iPhone, just monitoring it may be the best way to go about keeping your teen safe. There are some features within the phone that allow certain accesses to be restricted, however teenagers may be able to figure out how to disable, so using an parental control for iPhone in app form may be a better option. 

The iPhone also has a powerful camera which can be misused if proper parental control is not exercised. Sexting and taking racy “selfies” has become a past time of some teens. R Rated movies and inappropriate music can also be downloaded by the teenager as well. The latest built-in technology in iPhones also allows webcam chat called “Face Time”. This can prove to be a problem if teens use the chat for questionable activities or possibly chatting with strangers. 

Before you agree to let your teenager have an iPhone, some ground rules should be put in place. The teen should accept parents keeping tabs at all times on his/her whereabouts. They also need to agree not to use the iPhone while driving as this activity has been the cause of many a car accident. Parental control for iPhone is definitely required to protect teenagers from being exposed to the extensive adult freedom and opportunities the iPhone can offer. With a remote app, the teen doesn’t even need to know that you are watching. It runs in the background while they are using the phone. 

Parental control for iPhone has become a necessity to keep tabs on what teens are doing. Teens have a way of getting themselves in trouble with smart phones even if they don’t mean to. By tracking them, you can tell if they are texting while driving, chatting to people you don’t know or acting in risky behavior that could put them in danger. With the rise in teen suicide, cyber bullying and online predators, you need to do everything you can to keep your child safe. 

Adeline Miller is a social worker and parent educator who contributes her knowledge to Phone Sheriff, a parental control for iPhone.

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