What to expect from the iPhone 6

For many years, the iPhone dominated the smartphone market and people would line up in eager anticipation of each subsequent handset release. But while the general iPhone enthusiasm is still there,Android has been givingApple a run for its smartphone money lately -- both in terms of features and market share. In many ways, the waning popularity of the iPhone makes the impending release of the iPhone 6 a make-or-break event, as people are curious to see if the new features hold up to those of Apple’s main Android competitors.


So even though Apple is notoriously tight-lipped about new product details before their official unveilings, here are some general ideas of what to expect with the iPhone 6 based on all current evidence.

Ever since the iPhone 3G, Apple has released an S-model before each new numbered phone. So will people get an iPhone 5S before the 6? All signs point to yes. The best evidence to support such a theory is in an email by Jeffries analyst Peter Misek in which he states that the 5S should be released this year with the iPhone 6 coming sometime in the summer of 2014 re
lease date.




According to rumors from Apple’s manufacturing supply chain, the iPhone 6 body could be manufactured from a mix of plastic and metal in order to save cash. There were some rumblings that the iPhone 6 body would be manufactured from just plastic, but this seems highly unlikely given Apple’s design history.

Screen size

Apple CEO Tim Cook is on record as saying that he isn’t exactly a fan of larger smartphone screens. Unfortunately for Apple, Android is their biggest competitor and they are, in point of fact, fans of larger screens. So taking into account these considerations -- as well as statements from Misek as well as reports in such outlets as the China Times – consumers can reasonably expect the iPhone 6 to ship with a 4.7 or 4.8-inch screen.


This is probably the most predictable feature on the new iPhone. With the iPhone 5 featuring a dual-core A6, expect the iPhone 7 to be powered by a quad-core A7. The biggest benefit of this, of course, will be more power and better battery life.

iOS 7

There are those today who feel that iOS is a bit antiquated. Indeed, most of the updates that have been released for this once-revolutionary operating system over the years have been little more than tweaks. But all indicators point to iOS 7 as being a major overhaul. The design has changed to the point that it is flatter and can now adequately compete with Android’s OS; the icons now feature bold colors and rounded edges; and there are a host of new features like AirDrop and Control Center.

True, it’s hard to gauge just how concrete many of these iPhone 6 rumblings truly are. But Apple has enough of a history that it is possible to make educated guesses based on the info at hand. And many times guesses such as these turn out to be mostly accurate. 

Aaron Mills is a tech blogger and iPhone aficionado. He writes on behalf of Internet insurer Protect Your Bubble.


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