Why The IPhone Is STILL The Smartphone King After More Than Half A Decade


When the original (first generation) iPhone was released back in 2007 it revolutionised the mobile phone market and swept the board in both sales and critical acclaim. The iPhone was not the first smartphone (in fact Nokia's 'Symbian' devices predated it by almost a decade) but it was the first popular smartphone and the ripples its impact caused can still be felt today. Android handsets might now be outselling iPhones, with repairs being made on a weekly basis to its unstable operating system, but the iPhone (and its revolutionary iOS operating system) is still the format to beat and with good reason.


iOS just works. Right out of the box. It's intuitive, fast, flexible and (above all else) incredibly easy on the eye. It's not just the operating system that still stands head and shoulders above the competition either, the handsets themselves have continued to evolve over the past 6 years and have reached the absolute pinnacle with the recent iPhone 5. The sleek, elegant and durable design of each subsequent redesign has continually set the industry standard for years now and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. But how is it that the iPhone has managed to remain at the forefront for so long now?


As powerful and flexible as the Android operating system is, it is also incredibly unstable. Apps will constantlyfreeze up or just not work at-all and the system itself is prone to frequent crashes and glitches. Apple’s proprietary OS though is as stable as they come.Using a similar framework to their peerless OSX system, iOS has evolved from humble beginnings but has never been anything less than 100% reliable. This is primarily down to the fact that Android is developed fora variety of platforms, whereas iOS is developed specifically for Apples iPhone and iPad range.



Recent Android devices such as the HTC One might attest to being to prettiest phones on the market but the iPhone 5 is a perfectly sized device with an industry best screen and a solid, dignified construction. Apple is renowned for its stylish electronics, all of which are as ergonomic as they are attractive. The iPhone represents Apple operating at their absolute stylistic peak.

The App Store

The Apple App Store is by far the most popular destination for all applications. From useful utilities to games, entertainment and e-books, the App Store is the first port of call for all app developers. Because Apple instigate a strict policy with their store you also won't find any of the poorer quality, unlicensed apps that clog up Android's 'Google Play' store. Not only does the app store get all the best quality apps first, but it is also home to thousands of exclusive apps that have been designed specifically to work with Apples 'idevices'.


The latest generation of iPhones all have the capability to support 4th generation wireless internet, a factor which might not seem important right now as support is limited to the capital on exorbitant monthly plans. In the coming years however as 4G expands, you'll definitely want a phone that is ready to use it out of the box. Other devices might support 4G but Apple were the first brand to jump on the bandwagon and as such their devices are built with 4G support at the very core of their functionality.

The Kudos

Nobody WANTS to admit it, but half the reason we're all so obsessed with technology is the gravitas that comes with owning the latest piece of top-tier tech. The iPhone is a universally recognised brand that carries with it a certain kudos and reliability that no other smartphone can boast, even with the repairs being made to the Android system in each systematic update. There are also certain apps (such as the revolutionary 'facetime') that will only work between two iPhones so the more of your friends and family members that use iPhone, the more you'll get out of it. 'Siri', Apples proprietary voice recognition service is also exclusive to their later model iPhones and it can't be denied that there's something incredibly cool about being able to operate your phone with nothing more than a few simple voice commands.

Of course there are hundreds of smartphones on the market that can offer an approximation of what the iPhone can offer for a slightly more affordable price but as useable as they might be, there is still nothing that even compares to the original, ground breaking Apple iPhone.

Jann Webb is a freelance copywriter from the UK. She has been an iPhone user for 5 years now and has never once had to employ any iPhone repairs. You can join her in her perpetual pit of despair on Twitter.


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