iOS 7: All you need to know

Here comes the new iOS 7 and Jony Ive’s first iOS: minimalist, elegant, and devoid of the infantile artifice that infected its latest incarnations. With millions of iPhones in circulation around the world, these changes are going to bring joy to many and annoyance to others – nevertheless, here are some new features of the iOS7 that you need to know about.

Flat design, grid and 3D layers

The iOS interface has been completely revamped, from the typefaces to the built-in applications and from the colour schemes to the icons. The new interface is designed to be unobtrusive – conspicuous ornamentations are removed and there is a greater focus on what matters the most: the content. Moreover, iOS now has a standard grid that runs across the springboard to the applications. The overall result looks simple and beautiful.

Notification Center

The layout is better in iOS 7 with three different views: today, all and missed. The view of today gives you a snapshot of all that is happening in your current day, including your calendar and the weather. Also, the notifications will be synced across all your iOS 7 devices, so you will not have to dismiss them several times.

Block calls and messages

For iPhone users, preventing someone from calling you, messaging you or initiating a FaceTime video chat seems to be impossible, unless you have jailbroken your device or if you have complained to your carrier about harassment from a particular individual. However, now with iOS 7, you can prevent specific people from being able to contact you – a welcome addition for sure.


You can now browse through open apps live by sweeping your finger over the screen. To dismiss an app, just throw it up. iOS 7 learns the users’ habits. It remembers your favorite stuff and prepares apps so that they are ready before you open it.


You now can have a smarter search field that brings up your favorites as soon as you tap it. Apple’s built-in browser got the same treatment as the rest of the OS. It eliminates all scrolling bars and buttons when you read the content and shows them only when you click. The most useful feature might be the shared links bookmark list, which collects all the URLs posted by people or yourself in your Twitter timeline. Moreover, you can finally have more than 8 tabs, each of which comes with a far more intuitive UI that lets you swipe to move between them.

Bigger folders and more icons you can hide

Instead of only having space for 16 apps, the folders in iOS7 can contain pages and pages of apps. They can even hold Newsstand, so you now can finally stash Newsstand into a folder without having to stare at it all the time. Another win for everyone.

Smarter Siri

Siri now has new voices, including a male one. Siri’s multilingual now too, and is smarter after spending a bit of time being tweaked. For example, you can now say “increase the brightness” or “play my last voicemail”, and it will understand. Also, you no longer have to endure the awkwardly pronounced names because you can teach Siri the correct pronunciation. Instead of relying just on phonetic spellings, the new Siri will ask you how you want a name to be pronounced and take some time to learn it. Genius.


iOS 7 adds a neat button to Safari to switch into private browsing mode so that you can shop for presents or do other secret things without leaving any digital fingerprint. Simply go to Settings, tap on Safari and flip the “Private Browsing” toggle, and then you can access this private mode in the current iOS.

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