Apple, to release 128GB iPad on February 5

As expected, Apple will be coming up with a tablet that has the same features with just an itty-bitty upgrade. This time, they added storage to their latest tablet—the iPad 4. No other add-on is expected to be seen on this gadget that is to be release this February 5.

Many people will argue that this upgrade is unnecessary and I will agree to that. Expected to retail at $799 for the Wi-Fi model, I think the tablet is too expensive and brings it to the same price range as other laptops. 

Another thing, Apple, with its reputation, will surely be releasing another tablet this year. If not, expect another iPad mini upgrade, which I bet will come with a retina display. That, I will have to watch out for. But for this one, I’m sorry, I won’t buy it.  Look for a complete iPad refresh later this year.

Of course, you cannot expect any less from the gadget company. Despite its many impracticalities, loyal patrons are still waiting for this upgrade. 

iPad 128gb

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