Samsung Galaxy S4 rumored to be unveiled on the Samsung Unpacked Event

And the race for the best smartphone is still on.

The competition is now between the next iPhone (5S or 6?) and the Samsung Galaxy S4. What can we expect from the company that dared to contend with the Tim Cook company?

With the Samsung Unpacked happening this March 2013, it is rumored that the next Samsung smartphone will be introduced in that event.

The features are still unknown but many people are guessing that the tablet will come in two colors—black and white.

Other rumored specifications: 4.99” display, 2 GB of RAM, and a whopping 13 megapixel camera.

One feature that may send Apple trembling? The wireless charging that is expected on this tablet. Oh yes, they did!

Another feature and the loudest rumor that is going around is that the tablet will feature an Eye Scroll and Eye Pause. The reason for the buzz? Samsung applied for a trademark before the European Union for this technology. And even if details on this function are still unknown, the name gives a big clue to the waiting public.

I know I will be waiting for this breakthrough and for the announcement from Samsung.

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