5 Must Have Apps for Commuters

Getting to work can be a huge chore for most of us.  If you are driving then you have to worry about the traffic and road conditions.  If you take public transport or walk then you have to worry about the weather and whether your bus or train is going to arrive at all.  Here are 5 apps that you have to get to make your work commute easy.

    1.  Waze                 Waze App

Do you find that you are stuck in traffic a lot?  Waze is definitely the answer to your problems.  This app is community based so other users will upload road conditions and areas to avoid.  The navigation system in the apps will then help you find a way around these trouble areas. 

    2.  NextBus              NextBus

Have you ever run for the bus only to see it pull away from the bus stop as you get there?  The problem is that you may not know when the next bus is going to be coming or if there is a different one close by that you can take.  NextBus is an app which allows you to find out which busses are running, where they will stop and at what time you can get them.  It works on a real time system so if the bus is late then you can find out when it will be.

    3.  WeatherBug       weatherbug

Weather is one of the biggest worries for a commuter.  Will it rain?  Will it snow?  What sort of jacket should you wear?  WeatherBug is one of the best weather apps out there.  It has extended forecasts, live weather cams, real time updates and a lightning detector based on your GPS location.  This means that you will never be taken by surprise by the weather ever again.

    4.  Car Minder Plus  carminderplus

There is nothing worse than being ready for work and your car won’t start.  Most of us have no idea why a car won’t start or where our jumper cables are, if we even have them.  Car Minder Plus is an app that can help all us car commuters keep tabs on our car maintenance.  This app will log how far you have travelled since you last filled up to when you need to have the oil changed.  When the app registers that you need to service something in your car it sends you a helpful reminder.

    5.  Bikemap              bikemap

Not all of us take the bus or drive to work.  More and more people are using their bikes to travel around.  BikeMaps is much like any other travel app but it only chooses routes that bikes can go on.  If you want to find the fastest way from your house to work on your bike then this is the app for you.  You can also edit paths so you travel past certain stores or areas when you cycle.

Be sure to get these 5 must have apps to make your commute and life easier.

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