Waiting for BlackBerry BB10 OS? N-series is expected to come at January end

Rumors were spreading about the N series of BlackBerry BB10 handset from some days and now some more pictures are seen which are showing the phone in a clearer way. BB10 operating system is due from a number of months and finally the wait is going to get over. 

The N series mobiles with BB10 OS are expected to hit the US market on January 30th. Below is the leaked pic of N series handset, having a nice QWERTY keyboard with a vivid display. No further detail is available so far, this pic has been shown by n4bb.com for the first time. 

BB10 OS has been delayed too much and people are anxiously waiting for the new release of OS by BlackBerry from a long time, this N series mobile will be installed with BB10 OS, so people will be able to enjoy a new look with a new operating system on and after January 30th. On January 30th, L series mobile are also expected to release, that phone is going to hit the mobile market with a complete touch. So, three great things are coming to sight on January end!


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