Will iTunes 11 release today or tomorrow?

iTunes 11 was expected to be released in October but due to some problems Apple announced and postponed it to the end of November. This was done because it was not ready to release and a little modifications were required and afterwards apple did not announced any exact date for the iTunes 11 release. But it mentioned that it would be around the end of November when this software is expecting to come out.

There are only two days left in November to end and people are expecting that iTunes will be released today or at maximum tomorrow! It will be available to download in a couple of days unless Apple announces another delay in this regard. Every iPod user is waiting with enthusiasm to use the latest edition of this powerful software. 


The amazing feature with which iTunes 11 is expected to come is the integration feature of Facebook and twitter. The interface would be simpler as compared to the old versions and this would definitely give a better experience! 


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