Preview version of ‘Skype for windows phone 8’

Preview of Microsoft’s Skype can be seen now and it is going to hit the previous windows messenger with a lot of new additions. It is not an ordinary Skype application anymore, amazing features are added and the view of this application is totally changed. This Microsoft effort is just to make the experience of calling, through windows phones, easier and more reliable.

You can now download this Skype for windows 8 phone from the company’s online store. Some bugs and issues are expected as this is just a preview version. Your phone must have a 512MB RAM if you want to enjoy this latest Skype. Currently the phones that are able to get this software are some models of Nokia, Samsung and HTC. Nokia lumia 820 and 920 are at the top.

This app has come with strong features, you can get the notifications on your locked screen and this app is now capable of reading your contact book and suggesting new Skype contacts to you. The direct access to the contact book is a real relief. This feature is not present in old Skype. You can switch between mobile phone’s voice calls and Skype calls quite easily, and this is because it is not a third party application anymore, it is a strong application integrated by Microsoft in its highly reliable mobile phone operating system! 

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