iPad Mini partially sold out in hours

Just a few hours after the midnight presale of Apple's newest device, the iPad Mini, delivery dates of the white iPad Mini began to push back 2 weeks suggesting that Apple's initial stock of the device has already been sold.  This is great news for the tech giant.

Earlier in the week Apple announced the much rumored iPad Mini, along with a refreshed iPad, a new iMac, a retina display MacBook Pro, and fellow Mini labeled device, the Mac Mini.  This is big news, as Apple directly takes on many of the tablets on the market.  Prior to this Apple's iPad was much larger the popular android tablets, such as the Kindle Fire, and the Nexus 7.

Apple's new move into a lower price smaller tablet looks to be another attempt to gain market share by presenting more affordable products.  This fills out Apple's consumer product line, now you may choose from a 4.5" iPod Touch, the new 7" iPad Mini, or the 9.7" iPad, if you need to be more portable, Apple also offers these with blazing fast 4g LTE.  If you need more power then that, Apple also offers a full line up of lap tops with the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro lines.

If your forgot to place your order, fear not!  Sir Lancelot's Armor will be giving away an iPad Mini to one lucky Facebook fan!  Be sure to like our page, posts and remember to post comments!  We want to hear what you will do with your new iPad!


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