Tuesday Tech News

Tuesday was a tech explosion!  Earlier today, Nokia and Microsoft held their Windows 8 conference to announce the newest Windows handsets; The Nokia Lumia 920 and 820! 

These are aimed to take on the market in which Nokia has fell way behind.  Offering some of the industry first from a major manufacture, including the long waited for wireless charging!  

But Nokia has more tricks up their sleeve then just that, they also are bringing the much anticipated PureView camera technology to the Lumia line.  PureView is the current hands down best when it comes to cameras in today’s smartphones.  Capturing up to 10 times the amount of light as standard camera, PureView allows for the highest image quality ever from a smartphone.  Nokia also brings along all the expected next generation technology with NFC and high quality 3d maps.

Pushing engineering forward in typical Motorola fashion the RAZR line up offers the largest screen to phone dimension ratio ever seen before.  The RAZR M is set to be released next week at a price of only $99 with a 2-year Verizon 4g contract.  

The RAZR M will be slightly smaller then the two HD RAZRs but is promised to pack just as much punch, offering one of the best values on the market.  Today’s technology at yesterday’s prices.  The RAZR HD MAXX in similar fashion will be a power-user geared device offering all the features of the standard RAZR HD, but offering more storage and of course even longer battery life.  All devices are scheduled to receive Google’s newest version of the Android operating system titled “Jelly Bean.”  No solid date has yet been confirmed on the availability of the two RAZR HD models.

Not to be outdone, Google and Motorola also had a press conference today to announce the first new devices since Google acquired Motorola Mobility.  Motorola will be offering 3 new phones in the RAZR line up, with the RAZR HD, the RAZR HD MAXX, and RAZR M. 

Finally, the today’s latest iPhone leak shows what appears to be a fully operational iPhone 5 compared side to side with the iPhone 4s.  Check out the video below for all the dirt.

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