New Kindle Line-up

Yesterday, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos took the medias attention by announcing a whole new Kindle line-up revolving mainly around the Fire model.  Amazon refreshed the previous Kindle Fire by increasing the speed, increasing the battery time and the amount of storage - nearly doubling all of the above, and then dropping the price $40.  Great deal!

In addition to the standard Kindle Fire, Amazon announced the Kindle Fire HD, a 7” high resolution tablet based of the standard Fire, but packed with even more features, including a front facing HD camera.  In addition, Amazon decided more is better, so they decided to upgrade to dual-band wi-fi, dual wi-fi antennas and dual speakers featuring Dolby Digital Plus audio, making it the best sounding tablet available.  The wi-fi upgrades make the Fire the fastest tablet on the market besting the previous victor, the New iPad by 41%.

Continuing the more is better tradition, Amazon announced 2 8.9” models with even higher performance.  The Fire HD 8.9” is available as both a wi-fi only, and 4g LTE model, with the option of either 16gb or 32gb on the wi-fi model or 32gb or 64gb on the 4g LTE model.

Bezos’ keynote was reminiscent of Steve Jobs, commanding the attention of the audience and showing genuine excitement in his companies new toys.  And in similar fashion Bezos and Amazon had one last treat:  Affordable LTE service.  For $50 annually, Kindle owners get a 250mb per month download allowance as well as 20gb of cloud storage and $10 app store credit.  The cheapest comparable service for the other 4g tablet the iPad, would cost $230 via AT&T.

We are extremely excited by all of the news in tech this week and can’t wait to begin offering products for all of these new devices from each manufacture.  The great news, our current Kindle Fire screen protectors will fit the new $159 Kindle Fire.

Tune in next week when Apple finally takes a turn at sharing it’s latest gadgets.

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