iPad Air vs iPad mini Comparison

To choose a tablet would have been an easy thing to do last year. You had to decide between small and large tablets. And then you had to either go for the quality and pay a lot or you could choose a cheaper option. But now it's more complicated than you can imagine. The market is now full of different brands at different prices and many,many different features that have to be taken into account. Recently the centre of discussion in the world of technology lovers seem to be the question which iPad is a better option – the iPad Mini or the iPad Air.
The new iPad Mini was released recently. But even before its release it had set confusion in many people who were not sure if they should wait a few more weeks to buy the new model or just go for the also newly released iPad Air. Now that the new iPad Mini with Retina display is released, we can compare these two models and decide which one is a better option.

iPad Mini vs iPad Air


It's very difficult to decide between these two models. There isn't such a big difference between them and not that many factors that can have an effect on the decision.
The new iPad Mini is an amazing tablet. It has everything we liked about its older version with the difference that this one performs better - it's faster and its screen is better. Compared to the iPad Air, it's basically the same. Both models grab attention with their LCD on the front. They both have an A7 processor and 2048 x 1536 resolution. The only major difference is the 7.9-inch display of the iPad Mini and 9.7-inch one of the Air. Many people are attracted to bigger screens but in fact bigger doesn't always mean better. iPad Mini is easier to operate, since it's smaller and weights a bit less (127g.). When you hold the iPad Mini in one hand, the different parts of the screen are more easily accessible, while it's much more complicated to work with the iPad Air with one hand. On the other hand, a full-sized screen makes it easier to see. People who have tested the two models say that they have noticed how they instinctively bring the iPad Mini closer to their eyes, which is bad for the eyesight.
The iPad Air is good for people who would like to replace their laptop with a smaller device. It's suitable for people who want to use it for artwork with a stylus, or people who read a lot and like to watch movies. Of course, it's also good for people who simply prefer bigger screens.


The iPad Mini with Retina display is a bit more expensive than its ancestor and a bit cheaper than the new iPad Air. There isn't such a big difference in the price, which makes the decision harder. In that case it must be the size to help you choose.
The technology subject that has been in the spotlight recently is the comparison between iPad Mini and iPad Air. The release of both of them, with a difference in time of only a couple of weeks, created a big issue, making people search for a piece of advice about which model is better. Since we've found out that both models have basically the same specifications with the only big difference in the size of their screens, it's up to each tech-lover to decide individually which tablet they prefer, depending on what it's going to be used for. A smaller and more compact tablet or a bigger one with a wider display – which one would you choose?

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