What's In The Future: 5G Wireless Cell Phones

5G is the future of telecommunications. Well, that's rather obvious, isn't it? I mean, 5G stands for 5th generation, and it comes after the current 4G so of course it's the future. But what future, when and what does this all imply. If you're not familiar with the differences in development of the various telecommunication and wireless technologies then fear not – you are not alone. Actually, most people have no concept of what the different numbers and letters mean when we are talking about the technological generations, but they know that more is better, for some reason, mainly because that''s what the good people on the telly are telling us when they are trying to get us to buy a new cellphone. Of course, they can't not tell that you this new generation technology will change your life forever because they can't have a good marketing campaign without a strong marketing pitch; that being said, they are not going to tell you what this actually means, either. All you need to know in order to be impressed is that it's new, and fresh, and next generation and you will be happy knowing that of course you have a newer and better cellphone than Bob, that annoying kid next door. But what is this 5G stuff, anyway?




Unlike its 3G predecessor, 4G's biggest jump was providing excellent cellphone and Internet bandwidth coverage smartphones and whatnot. Most of the advancements were connected to bigger frequencies, better connectivity, Internet access, and more. All of the good and interesting benefits you're getting from the current generation technology right now has all been implemented with the introduction of the 4th generation.


But make no mistake, the 4G network isn't just here for the mobile phone users. It's also given us some goodies like high definition TV, cloud TV, IP telephony and many more. Our whole wireless connection and Internet evolution would've been much different if it weren't for quintessential advancement of the 4th generation.


Such technologies usually make a leap every ten years or so. However, since 4G was the biggest leap in mobile evolution so far, it's principally possible for it to last a bit longer. Even so, the benefits of the technology are enormous so it's not outside the land of possibility that by 2020 the 5th generation may begin its rise. But what will it bring?




Well, as of now, it's not really clear what in the name of all that's good and holly, it's not really clear what the 5th generation will be. We can basically speculate, though. What we can be sure of is that the Internet connectivity will be better and much more implemented in the whole of telecommunication. We can also be sure that the Internet will be faster and possibly the IPv6 will finally get into the light of the common spotlight. Overall connectivity will be better and devices will use much smaller battery charges in order to be connected than at this point. The network will also be much better for humans, as we've seen that advancements in the field have helped reduce the risk of many diseases as compared to the 1st generation. All in all, it will be a fun ride and technologies will be much smarter. I really can't wait for all of this to become reality. Imagine all the possibilities and simply being connected all the time, for a much smaller price, anywhere and everywhere, with an excellent Internet connection. It will be a brave new world and I am proud that (hopefully) I will be a part of it.




Author Bio: Rose Finchley is blogger who loves to write about Internet and cell phones. She works as a coordinator at http://www.cleantoperfection.co.uk/deep-cleaning-sw14-mortlake/ and she has a lot of experience to share with her readers.



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